The Pilates Method is a therapeutic movement form dedicated to creating balanced strength and flexibility throughout the body.  In 1997 I was introduced to this infinitely adaptable system by the lovely instructor Barbara VanWinkle while I was recovering from a debilitating repetitive strain injury to my hands, shoulders and neck.  I thank her, and my certifying teacher Ellie Herman, every time I do a handstand!

Born to a Greek gymnast and a German naturopath near Düsseldorf, Germany in 1880, Joseph Hubertus Pilates drew on his studies of anatomy, bodybuilding, wrestling, yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts to develop this extraordinarily precise form of exercise centered on grounded, flowing movement performed in proper alignment to build balance, agility, strength, endurance, flexibility, and deeply focused attention while reducing or eliminating pain and dysfunction.

Rehabilitative Pilates efficiently and effectively addresses imbalance and injury to relieve pain and restore function while fitness Pilates sessions challenge even the most advanced athlete.  Drawing on both the extensive Pilates repertoire as well as elements from other movement forms in my bag of tricks, therapeutic movement and fitness sessions can be elegantly tailored to you, your fabulous body and your current goals.