Pilates & Therapeutic Movement Classes

Kick your own literal and proverbial bootie!  We focus on the old school Pilates principle of doing very few repetitions with proper alignment and joint mechanics.  We integrate myofascial release, using balls & rollers, with exercises to build strength, stability and articulation, using Pilates reformers and springboards or just your body and your mat!  We develop from a strong base in neutral spine outwards towards three-dimensional movement.  Just FYI, this is not the boot camp style Pilates that's got a trend going… In this careful, anatomy-laden approach, we integrate Pilates with principles from Hendrickson method and little secrets from Noguchi, yoga and dance as needed.  We will work our booties off, just very very precisely! 

These classes are great to restore proper length/flexibilty of soft tissues and articulation of the spine, improve core stability and balance, and restore strength and proper joint mechanics throughout the body.  You'll also learn some nerdy bits of anatomy and generally become more of a bad ass!

  • 8-14 week class series offered consecutively throughout the year, see current calendar

  • small 4-6 person equipment classes offer individualized attention

  • classes are mixed-level and 55 minutes

  • drop-ins by arrangement only, please contact me

  • pre-requisite: 1-3 private lessons to become familiar with you and any injuries you’re taking care with and help you to become familiar with the equipment to work safely in class


  • 10week series $340 (discount w/ twice a week)

  • drop ins $35 w/ a series & $40 w/o a series

  • two make-up lessons per series w/ pre-planned absences

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Current Class Calendar

New Series Begins January 2019

New Series Begins January 2019

New Series Begins January 2019