Hendrickson Method® Orthopedic Manual Therapy is a gentle, relaxing, deeply effective and efficient method for treating acute and/or chronic orthopedic conditions in clients of all ages and abilities.  25 to 85 minute sessions are performed fully clothed in a side-lying position on a raised table and employ a unique combination of three techniques: 

Wave Mobilization® 
Wave Mobilization® introduces rhythmic cycles of compression and decompression in the spine and soft tissues to induce a deep parasympathetic state (relaxation heals!), reduce pain, reposition misaligned soft tissue, and instigate proper cellular exchange in the tissues.

Joint Mobilizations
Joint Mobilizations work to restore optimal joint function, promote proper alignment, and reduce the pain, swelling, joint restriction, and reflexive muscle guarding associated with joint dysfunction. 

Muscle Energy Techniques (METs)
Muscle Energy Techniques (METs) are gentle isometric muscle tests that work to reset the nervous system.  METs are used to balance alpha and gamma nerve signals to soft tissue in order to relax and lengthen overly contracted muscles and/or to facilitate weak/inhibited muscles.  Balancing muscle strength and length in turn promotes optimal joint function.